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Happening in Hippos

The definitive centre of sports and wellbeing in the Nordics

Hippos is a unique cluster of expertise in exercise, athletics and wellbeing, situated in Finland. Some of the most innovative companies and cutting-edge research units in the field are working together to create a base for a new kind of business based on the human body.

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Oletko kiinnostunut sijoittumaan Hippokselle?

Jätä meille yhteydenottopyyntö.

With developed countries aging and the world urbanising, demand is only going to increase for new services and innovations in health, wellbeing and sports. Hippos will be their birthplace.

Future megatrends
Growth and networks

The science and business centre has unique research expertise from scientific knowledge to professional skills in translating R&D to practical business. Find the best partners and networks for developing your company.

A community of pioneers

The companies located at Hippos are united by their pioneering spirit to develop wellbeing solutions and by their ethos of taking care of their own employees too.

Everyone wants to feel better. That is what drives humanity. Including us.

Research shows that human mental and physical health are the pillars of individual wellbeing and the prosperity of society. We now have various technologies to measure how well we are progressing on that path.

Humanity needs to be in better shape both physically and mentally. We are on a mission to bring together experts, companies, research organizations and athletes to work together to find solutions to global wellbeing challenges. 

At Hippos, we are building a unique cluster of expertise in exercise, athletics and wellbeing to understand how people stay well and feel better. 
On that premise, we will host leading research units and companies with original ideas to create something new that will get the hearts around the world beating.

Let's go.

HHub – a global wellbeing ecosystem

HHub is an international ecosystem gathering together innovators in smart health and human performance. HHub, which is based at Hippos, allows you to take part in the buzz and synergies created by the rapidly growing start-up and scale-up companies and cutting-edge R&D institutions.

Various growth programs and networks as well as international research cooperation are visibly present when you are connected globally at Hippos.

The research and business services at Hippos range from scientific research and laboratory facilities to event and convention services, as well as shops, restaurants and even an athletic playschool.

The potential
The project

When will Hippos complete? What are the next steps in the project? And who is behind it?

The premises

What does Hippos look like? See the diverse hybrid sports facilities, the science and business centre and the event arena, with or without ice.

Is Hippos the place for you?

Jukka Akselin 

Rental of premises, Infonia
+358 40 504 1401

Mikko Hirvi 

Rental of premises, Infonia

+358 40 757 9731

Project manager, Hippos
+358 40 487 2577

Ville Niskakangas
Nina Rautiainen

Project Manager, Hippos
Innovation and growth 
+358 50 413 7028

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By submitting you are agreeing to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

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